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Most Common Oven Issues

-Tips from Your Appliance Repair Team in Surrey

The oven is like your trusted steed in the kitchen. No matter what you put together, once it comes out of the oven, the aroma of an oven-cooked dish is always delightful. Of course, for that, your oven must function properly with just the right amount of heating and timing—as you set it.

Unfortunately, just like with any other appliance, problems can occur. Typically, these issues do not arise until you need to use your oven or when you are mid-use. While technical difficulties can vary, some oven issues are more common than others.
If your oven starts experiencing any of these problems, you should call a professional for appliance repair. Trying to troubleshoot alone could lead to more difficulties and greater expenses in the end. 

6 Common Oven Issues – Indications it is Time for Appliance Repair

Your oven might work for five years without a single hiccup, other times it could slowly indicate an issue is lurking. Know the common oven issues and signs to look out for so that you can ensure repair immediately and avoid an all-out breakdown:

1. Incorrect Oven Temperatures: The temperature you set your oven to is what you expect it to maintain after it preheats. If you notice your food is taking longer than usual to cook – or worse, ends up burnt – you may have a calibration issue. Luckily, re-calibration does not always require a professional’s help. You do, however, need your owner’s manual nearby, because re-calibration instructions vary by model. After re-calibration, if the temperature is still not right, call in a trained technician to check.

2. Oven Does Not Turn On: A visible indicator your oven needs repair is when it will not turn on. First, check to see if the oven is receiving power by looking at the junction box and fixing a tripped circuit breaker. Once you confirm the oven is getting power, but still not turning on, you might have an electrical issue or gas problem. These issues range from broken wires to faulty broiler element to failing ignitor. 

3. Broken Oven Light: Oven lights are a convenience and one you might not miss until it is gone. Sometimes you need to replace the bulb. When the light still does not turn on, you may have an electronic control issue, faulty wire, or failing switch. Regardless, leave the electrical repairs to a professional.

4. Oven Door Will Not Open: After a self-cleaning cycle, your oven should unlock itself. If it does not, try unplugging the unit and leaving it off for 5 minutes. Once you turn it back on, see if the door lock lever will move. If not, reset your self-cleaning cycle, let it run for 15 minutes, then cancel it. Once cooled, it should open.

5. Oven Door Does Not Stay Shut: Your oven door hinges take on a heavy burden. If you use your oven daily, you can expect them to wear out eventually. To replace hinges, you need to remove the door and possibly the side panels.

6. Self-Clean Feature Does Not Work: Ideally, you should run your self-clean every 3 to 6 months to remove build-up inside your oven. When you start the self-clean mode, make sure the door switch locks; otherwise, the self-clean will not engage. If the door locks, but self-clean does not start, you may have a temperature control issue, thermal fuse failure, or wiring problem.

Trust Cosmos Appliance Repair in Surrey for Timely Oven Repair

When one of the issues above arise and DIY troubleshooting does not work, bring in the experienced technicians from Cosmos Appliance Service. Our team can diagnose the problem and get your unit back up and running. You can get back to baking, roasting, and broiling in no time. 

For fast, reliable appliance repairs in Surrey,call 604-534-064 today!

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