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Reliable Fridge Repair in Langley

Cosmos Appliance Service has years of experience when it comes to to fridge repair in Langley. Fortunately for all of us, refrigerators are some of the most dependable home appliances, requiring very little maintenance. They practically take care of themselves! That being said, refrigerators can benefit from the occasional cleaning and inspection from a professional. Refrigerators can and will break down — taking your fridge-full of chilled and frozen goods with it!

If you notice pooling water below your fridge or your refrigerator doesn’t seem to be getting as cold as it should, don’t lose your cool. Just make a quick call to Cosmos Appliance Service and we’ll send an expert technician for a diagnosis and fridge repair. Langley homeowners have counted on our expertise for years. We can handle any number of fridge-related problems, including malfunctioning motors, water leaks, excessive noise, constant cooling cycling, coolant failure, unregulated temperature, and so much more.


While it is relatively easy to solve many problems that can lead to refrigerator malfunction, there are times when you should immediately call a professional.

  • Fridge has started to hiss and won’t cool properly 
  • There is an oily substance on the floor
  • The outside of the fridge is covered in condensation
  • Fridge will not stop cycling on and off
  • Condenser coils are damaged


If your fridge has, or is experiencing any of these problems don’t delay; call Cosmos Appliance Services for reliable fridge repair in Langley.


Advantages of Hiring Refrigerator Repair Services

Some benefits of hiring refrigerator repair services are:

  • Correct diagnosis of the issue: You might not be able to determine the problem with your fridge correctly without the appropriate training and experience. Trying to repair your refrigerator on your own might not only result in you failing to fix the original issue but can cause further damage to your fridge.
  • Round the clock services: Professional refrigerator repair services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Warranty:  Professional refrigerator repair companies always offer you a warranty.


Prevent Repairs with Regular Maintenance

Perhaps the most effective way to keep your fridge running efficiently is to keep it clean. Cleaning underneath and behind the refrigerator isn’t the most fun thing in the world to do, but it’s definitely one of the simplest things you can do to avoid unwanted repairs. Take off the grill at the base of your fridge and wash it in the sink. Make sure to clean the coils underneath and behind your fridge too; doing so will keep ensure that your fridge stays cool.



The gaskets are the door seals that ensure a snug fit when you shut the door to your freezer or fridge. Having a tight seal keeps the cold air in, and the warm air out. However, the gasket can become compromised over time—usually due to food fragments or moisture. It’s a good idea to keep these gaskets from any kind of debris and to ensure a great seal, coat them with a thin layer of petroleum jelly; it’s an easy to make the gaskets last much longer.


Ice, Ice, Drip Tray

Clean your ice bucket at least once a month. Fridges can contain a lot of odours and those odours can penetrate the ice bucket, resulting in unpleasant flavours in your favourite cool beverage. Clean out the bucket regularly to prevent this; it’s also a great idea to keep one or two opened boxes of baking soda in the fridge to absorb odours. Water filters should be replaced at least two times a year and the drip tray should be removed and washed every two months.


Get in touch with us if you’re looking for fridge repair services in Langley.


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