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Why, hello there! I wasn’t quite expecting company today, but I’m assuming you’ve come to read expert advice for your dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and so on and so forth — excuse me, a blog? Is that something like a big clog — a blog? Oh, you mean weblog! Gotcha! Yes, then you’re definitely in the right place, and if I knew you were coming I would have baked some chocolate chip cookies, or at least picked up some Timbits. But, back to the matter at hand; Cosmos Appliance Service has been working on washers, dryers, garburators, stoves, ranges, and other appliance for nearly 40 years. This means we are steeped in appliance repair knowledge of a most gargantuan size. So, sit back and enjoy the clog — I mean blog! But, if you do have a drain clog, you can always call Cosmos Appliance Service — a name you can trust to provide prompt, professional service!

  • 05/09/2018
    Most Common Oven Issues

    -Tips from Your Appliance Repair Team in Surrey

    The oven is like your trusted steed in the kitchen. No matter what you put together, once it comes out of the oven, the aroma of an oven-cooked dish is always delightful. Of course, for that, your oven must function properly with just the right amount of heating and timing—as you set it.

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  • 12/06/2018
    Avoid Frequent Dishwasher Repair

    -Keep These Items Out!

    Your grandma probably saw those days, but can you imagine life without a dishwasher? Isn’t it a joy to just stand there, throw in all your food-stained kitchenware, press a button and watch them emerging sparkling clean in less than an hour? However, if you really love your machine and want lasting performance, think twice before you do just that. Not every item in your sink is suitable for the steaming water, strong detergent and wash cycle of your dishwasher. Some of your favourite items may come out damaged or worse, damage your valuable dishwasher in the process.

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  • 18/05/2018
    Are You Looking to Hire an Appliance Repair Company?

    — Here are Some Tips to Get the Best Service in Surrey

    Can you imagine a day when one of your household machines breaks down? Having piles of dirty laundry, or used dishes in the sink, or dust and dirt that cannot be vacuum cleaned, can be a nightmare, to say the least.

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  • 27/09/2017
    Why Did My Dryer Stop Heating?

    —Expert Advice on Dryer Repair in Langley

    You start a load of laundry, and you are on a roll. You are ready to tackle that laundry room head on and finally relieve yourself of the stress of not having a clean shirt. However, when you go to fold your clothes, they are still wet. The dryer is cold but it runs the full cycle. Where did the heat go?

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  • 19/06/2017
    How to Keep Your Refrigerator Running for Years

    —Advice from your Fridge and Appliance Repair Service in Surrey

    The average refrigerator can last your home for 10 to 13 years. However,
    to get the maximum lifespan out of your refrigerator, you must maintain it. Refrigerators are
    used daily, and they can take quite the beating. Therefore, to get a
    decade or more from your refrigerator, implement a few of these essential
    maintenance tips.

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  • 24/04/2017
    Six Common Reasons for Washing Machine Breakdowns

    A washing machine is one of the most important appliances in any home.

    It ensures that you've always got clean clothes to wear for any occasion, and
    that your dirty clothing doesn't start piling up. Unfortunately, washing
    machines can also break down for a number of different reasons, causing quite
    the headache. According to the washing machine repair technicians at Cosmos
    Appliance Services, here are six common reasons why you might need washing
    machine repair in Surrey:

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  • 16/03/2017
    3 Common Myths about Stove Repairs

    There is a ton of misinformation and mystery surrounding appliance repairs. Most people make use of these machines every day in their homes, and rely on them from the kitchen to the laundry room and many places in between. Despite this, most people usually have very little understanding about how these devices work or how to best have them serviced and repaired.

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  • 16/03/2017
    Is Your Dishwasher Worth Fixing?

    The dishwasher plays an important role in many family homes and when it is working poorly, or not working at all, it can lead to a lot of disruption and inconvenience in the kitchen. You may be surprised to discover how much you rely on this major home appliance. Since repairs are infrequent for most models, you may be wondering if it is worthwhile to have a quick fix completed or whether a full replacement is a better solution.

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  • 16/03/2017
    Safety Tips for Appliance Repairs in Your Surrey Home

    Appliance repairs can be difficult to complete with a DIY approach. Complicated machinery, frequent breakdowns, and unsafe locations can make what a professional would call a ‘fast repair’, a dangerous, risky, and unsuccessful attempt by otherwise handy homeowners. Turn to the appliance repair experts in Surrey and Langley at Cosmos Appliance Service for a reliable and efficient fix. Be sure to follow the safety guidelines below if you are determined to try solving the problem on your own.

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  • 16/03/2017
    4 Appliances and Their Most Common Repairs

    Like all machines, appliances have a limited life span. Eventually, they wear down and need to be replaced. But buying a fridge, range, or other appliance is a costly endeavour. It’s much more cost-effective to fix your appliance than it is to purchase a new one. In most cases, malfunctions are easy and inexpensive to repair, especially if you live in Langley or Surrey. Cosmos Appliance Service serves these regions providing repairs—often the same day you call—that are effective and affordable.

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