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Affordable Stove Repairs in Langley

The stove is the heart of any kitchen. We use our stoves to feed our family, to cook the food they love. We use it to cook for friends, to try out new recipes or even just to cook some wings. We use it every day so little wonder that it’s so frustrating when they break down. At their basic, electric stoves are pretty simple, but as technology has improved over the years they’ve become far more complex and require even more technical ability to repair. At Cosmos Appliance Service, we have the technical ability required when you need stove repair in Langley.


Whether you have a problem with a heating element or your oven will not heat up, give us a call. It doesn’t matter whether your stove was made in the 80s or is a brand new model, we can quickly diagnose the issue and provide an expert repair.


Common Issues

Sometimes, a stove can have problems with the heating elements. Usually, this is an easy problem to fix. Modern elements are modular and incredibly easy to replace. If you suspect that the problem is with an individual element remove it from stovetop and examine it (make sure the stove is off and cool before you attempt to remove the element.) Examine the element for any damage or blisters. If it is undamaged swap it with another element of the same size and test it by turning on the stove. If the new element heats, you can rest assured the original is malfunctioning. Simply replace it with a new one. If the problem persists the problem is likely electrical and should only be repaired by an experienced technician.


If you find that your stove will heat, but you are not able to properly adjust the heat, your stove likely has a problem with the infinite switch connected to the power regulator and should be changed out with a new one. As again, this is a procedure that should only be carried out by a qualified technician.


Sometimes, ovens stop heating altogether. With more modern ovens, the solution can be as simple as resetting the “time cook” function. When this is set wrong, it can prevent the oven from turning on. Make sure your oven is actually turned on and connected. Another cause can be the oven ignition fuse. Sometimes these fuses can blow out. Not all ovens contain these fuses; check your manual to see if your oven comes with a fuse. If your problem is not caused by any of these problems, you should call Cosmos Appliance Service for stove repair in Langley.


Whether it is a gas stove or an electric one, if there are problems, make sure to get it checked and repaired by a professional. Our qualified and licensed technicians have the right set of tools to repair stoves. Hiring professionals from Cosmos Appliance Service will not only save you time, it’s also safer.  Get reliable stove repair services in Langley. We also provide dishwasher repair and refrigerator repair services.

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