Six Common Reasons for Washing Machine Breakdowns

A washing machine is one of the most important appliances in any home.

It ensures that you've always got clean clothes to wear for any occasion, and
that your dirty clothing doesn't start piling up. Unfortunately, washing
machines can also break down for a number of different reasons, causing quite
the headache. According to the washing machine repair technicians at Cosmos
Appliance Services, here are six common reasons why you might need washing
machine repair in Surrey:

1) A blown fuse or dead outlet

If your washing machine suddenly won't start but has been working fine
and showing no signs of an impending breakdown, then you should check if the
problem could be a blown fuse or a dead outlet. Even if you have another outlet
to plug your washing machine in, you should have your home's electrical

2) Overheating

Another common reason why homeowners require washing machine repair in
Surrey is because their washing machine has a habit of overheating. If your
washing machine suddenly stops during a cycle, then it may have overheated and
will need some time to cool down. You should have your washing machine checked
out even if it successfully starts up again, as a well-functioning machine
should not be having problems with overheating.

3) A defective door interlock

If all of the lights have turned on but your washing machine just won't
start, then you could be dealing with a defective door interlock. There are
many reasons why a washing machine's door interlock mechanism may stop working,
from burnt wires to plastic components which have melted due to overheating.
Whatever the issue is, an experienced repair tech can get to the bottom of it.

4) A defective drive motor

The spinning and agitating motions that a washing machine uses to get
your clothes clean are driven by a drive motor. When a washing machine spins
only in one direction or fails to start altogether, it may be due to a
malfunctioning drive motor. A faulty drive motor will have to be either
repaired or replaced by a washing machine repair technician in Surrey.

5) A broken start button

Sometimes the culprit behind a washing machine breakdown is a broken
start button, switch, or knob. It may seem like an easy fix, but you'd be
better off calling for washing machine repair in Surrey rather than trying to
repair a start button by yourself, as you may damage other components in the

6) A defective main control board

Another common culprit behind a washing machine inexplicably refusing to
start is a defective main control board. The main control board sits behind the
start button, and can actually become damaged if the start button is damaged.
An experienced technician will be able to tell you whether the problem lies
with your start button, your main control board, or even with both.

Prompt, Professional Washing Machine Repair in Surrey

Though a washing machine breakdown can be stressful, there's no need to
panic. At Cosmos Appliance Service we have been providing professional washing machine repair in Surrey for over 35 years, and we can have your washing machine back up and
running again in no time. To further put your mind at ease, we will provide you
with a full price quote beforehand.

Don't let the laundry pile up. Just contact Cosmos Appliance Service at (604) 534-0643 and our experienced Surrey washing machine repair
technicians will take care of the rest.

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