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Why Did My Dryer Stop Heating?

—Expert Advice on Dryer Repair in Langley

You start a load of laundry, and you are on a roll. You are ready to tackle that laundry room head on and finally relieve yourself of the stress of not having a clean shirt. However, when you go to fold your clothes, they are still wet. The dryer is cold but it runs the full cycle. Where did the heat go?

Luckily, a dryer not heating up is one of the easier malfunctions to correct, and it is one of five components that may be malfunctioning. Replacing these pieces by yourself, however, is not recommended. Instead, you will want to bring in the experts for dryer repair in Langley.

5 Reasons Your Dryer Stopped Heating – and How a Trained Technician will Fix it

Typically, if a dryer is working, but not heating, it is one of five pieces not working. These include:

1. The Inside Thermostat: Your dryer has an internal thermostat that tells it how hot to get. That thermostat then sends a signal to the heating elements. Finding these thermostats and testing their functionality depends on the model, but also requires a multimeter to see if the thermostat reaches the temperature setting.

2. Heating Element: Your heating element is what heats the inside of the dryer and dries your clothes. It is also one of the more common components that breaks down, especially if you use your dryer frequently. Heating elements cannot be repaired; instead, they must be replaced.

3. Voltage: When a dryer is not heating up, it may lack the proper voltage. Start by making sure your dryer is plugged in fully. Then, check the circuit breaker and ensure everything is in the right position. Last, check your fuse panel to ensure no fuse has blown.

4. Air Ducts: Your dryer has an air duct hose that provides it with proper ventilation. When the air ducts clog, your dryer cannot circulate air and shuts off. Check the air ducts for blockages, including lint, leaves, and debris. If blocked, remove the clog and see if the dryer heats properly. 

5. Thermal Fuse: Thermal fuses are inside the dryer, and require a multimeter to test. Your thermal fuse operates the dryer and automatically turns it off when the dryer exhaust temperatures are too high. When the thermal fuse is faulty, it will continue turning off the heat, even when temperatures are within safe levels.

Dryer Running Cold? Contact a Professional for Dryer Repair in Langley

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why a dryer might stop heating. While it can be frustrating, know that a repair specialist can quickly diagnose and sometimes repair your dryer the same day – depending on the faulty component.
For older dryers, you may have multiple components failing at the same time; therefore, your repair technician may recommend replacing one or more to avoid future breakdowns and get your dryer back to the efficiency it was when you first purchased it. 

When your dryer runs cold, contact the dryer pros at Cosmos Appliance Service. Our technicians will come to your home, diagnose the component causing a cold dryer, and repair it quickly. While you could attempt to diagnose and repair your dryer yourself, our team has years of experience with all makes and models of dryers; therefore, our technicians have the parts on hand and the tools to diagnose issues properly.

Schedule your dryer repair in Langley with the technicians at Cosmos Appliance Service. Call us and speak to one of friendly and knowledgeable team members about your cold dryer now at 604-534-0643.

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